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Monica Warr


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Choreographer / Creative Director,  expert in teaching  clients The Art Of Performance! Monica has developed her own unique curricculum called "The Monica Warr Formula" which is designed to push artist and dancers to their fullest potential. This formula teaches them how to standout from the rest. Teaching clients how to  captivate an audience, and tell stories through their performance. 


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Choreography | Creative Direction

Artist Development

Stay ready so you'd not have to get READY! If you're preparing for Tour, TV Appearances, Music Videos, or just taking your craft to the next level, we've got you cover!

Master Class | Conventions


We offer various training opportunities for every level of dancer. Our Privates, Intensives & dance convention features the highest quality staff to deliver an A-list experience for all participants. 

Photography | Editing


Do you need Promotional and marketing material? Let us help with everything from Photo Shoots, Reel shoots and/or editing, Social Media Promo Videos and so much more. 





Monica Warr took every bit of her knowledge from all of her experience as a professional dancer, choreographer and creative director and poured them into me.  From technical skill, performance and networking to understanding the business in general, she literally gave me the best foundation any dancer could ask for. 


I’ve been living and working in LA since 2018. I hit the ground running and put the tools to work. I was so prepared and excited to further my career. When I look back at my resume today, all I can say is...The Monica Warr Formula works.”​




The Monica Warr Formula gave me the opportunity to work in and prepare for the part of the dance world that I'd always wanted to be apart of - specifically music videos and tours.  


I've been in LA for the past three and a half years literally living my best life!  There's no doubt that the opportunities provided by the Monica Warr are what propelled me and prepared me to take on this part of my dream.


"The Monica Warr Formula instilled a strong, early understanding and appreciation for navigating the Commercial Dance Industry and how to train and prepare for it to be truly successful. With every experience, she helped me discover and build on my strengths, challenged me beyond dance steps, and instilled a greater sense of confidence within myself. 


As a working professional dancer and dance educator, I can say that the Monica Warr Formula I was introduced to 6 years ago STILL works and sets a strong precedent to train, work, and thrive in the industry."

—  Actress, Dancer

—  Professional Dancer

— Professional Dancer, Model